Privacy Policy#

Simple ML for Sheets does not export or share your data with third parties. All operations (e.g. training a model) are executed in your web-browser. All your data is kept only in your browser and in your sheets. Models are only saved in your Google Drive.

Simple ML for Sheets uses Google Analytics, which may use a set of cookies to collect information and report site usage statistics without personally identifying individual visitors to Google. Google Analytics statistics only include statistics about which “task” you are using (those tasks are “predicting missing values”, “spotting abnormal values”, “training a model”, “evaluating a model”, “understanding a model”). Those statistics are used for us to understand which tasks are popular to the user in order for us to focus our development efforts. Google Analytics statistics don’t include any information derived from your data.

Our privacy policy#

At Google, we are keenly aware of the trust you place in us and our responsibility to keep your privacy and data secure. As part of this responsibility, we let you know what information we collect when you use our products and services, why we collect it, and how we use it to improve your experience. The Google privacy policy & principles describes how we treat personal information when you use Google’s products and services, including Google Analytics.

Google Analytics cookies and identifiers#

Google Analytics mainly uses first-party cookies to report on visitor (aka. user) interactions on Google Analytics customers’ websites. Users may disable cookies or delete any individual cookie. Learn more

In addition, Google Analytics supports an optional browser add-on that - once installed and enabled - disables measurement by Google Analytics for any site a user visits. Note that this add-on only disables Google Analytics measurement. Where a site or app uses Google Analytics for Apps or the Google Analytics for Firebase SDKs, Google Analytics collects an app-instance identifier — a randomly generated number that identifies a unique installation of an App. Whenever a user resets their Advertising Identifier (Advertising ID on Android, and ID for Advertisers on iOS), the app-instance identifier is also reset. Where sites or apps have implemented Google Analytics with other Google Advertising products, like Google Ads, additional advertising identifiers may be collected. Users can opt-out of this feature and manage their settings for this cookie using the Ads Settings. Learn more