Logo of Simple ML for Sheets

Simple ML for Sheets allows anyone to use machine learning (ML) in Google Sheets without any prior knowledge of ML, coding, or the need to share data with third parties.

Simple ML is an add-on for Google Sheets to solve the most common ML tasks. Its main tasks are are highly automated ML capabilities that do not require users to know ML: Predict missing values, Spot abnormal values, and Forecast future values.

Simple ML is also useful for machine learning experts who want to quickly iterate or prototype on small (e.g., <1 million examples) tabular datasets. Simple ML offers classic capabilities such as training, evaluating, running, or analyzing a model. Users can export a model to TensorFlow, Colab, TF Serving, or simply call the model in C++, Go, and JavaScript. Training generally takes only a few seconds, which is great for fast iteration.


Having issues using Simple ML for Sheets? Check out our FAQ!


Simple ML computation (e.g., training a model) is done in your web-browser using WebAssembly and Javascript. Simple ML is powered by Yggdrasil Decision Forests that also power TensorFlow Decision Forests. Simple ML models are compatible with the TensorFlow and the Yggdrasil Decision Forests.